I was born in Denmark and in my early years attended a very creative school. I started playing all kinds of instruments and writing songs at the age of 12. I released my first single when I was 16.

While still in grammar school, I began getting involved in all sorts of musical projects, including jazz, pop and rock bands. This led to concert tours and performing on several more recordings that were released in Denmark.

During this time period I participated in the Danish European Singing Contest, which also resulted in the release of an album.

Later that year I entered The Academy of Music in Denmark where I studied for 4 years, graduating as a music, voice, and dance teacher. These years were very exciting for me. I studied and performed in a wide range of styles from afro, salsa, cuban, jazz, blues & gospel to European pop and classical forms. I helped create and appeared in musical theater performances that involved musical composition and dance improvisation.

After studying and teaching music, I felt like pursuing the theatre world again. Luckily I got the chance the same year to perform in 2 wonderful musicals: Les Miserables (ensemble member & swing stand in for all ensemble parts) & Grease (Rizzo, lead).

The following year, The Danish Nationwide Radio Station, in Copenhagen, broadcast a 40-minute live performance of me playing my original songs. This concert was an awakening for me. I felt like I had come home. I decided to focus on writing and recording songs again and I started expanding my international network of songwriters, producers, record labels, and others.

As mentioned in my Artist Bio, I travel all over the world, both within Europe and to The US for co-writing and recording sessions, promotion, etc. My catalog of songs, co-writing partners and contacts has grown tremendously over the past several years. Especially while based in Los Angeles from 1998 through 2001, I felt and saw immense improvement in my work.

My ongoing and continuos international work as a singer-songwriter keeps expanding and unfolding. I have been so fortunate to establish these amazing songwriting partners all over the world, and it keeps improving, especially since I established my own recording studio, record label and video production company.